AJ’s Landscaping is a family-owned business serving the East Bay.  Our services are built on a foundation of communication between the homeowner or business owner. These services include:

ü  Free Estimates

ü  Residential & Commercial

ü  Lawn Maintenance

ü  New Installation

ü  Irrigation Systems

ü  Drainage

ü  Clean Up & Disposal

ü  Handy Man

We deliver services in a professional manner and competitive prices. Our customers find comfort in knowing the project discussed is completed and cared for by professionals who treat their property as if it were their own.  In changing times, we have adapted our scope of work to include services from small to large scale projects and all are treated with the same degree of integrity. Our company’s success through the last several years can be contributed to our customer satisfaction, word of mouth, discipline business planning and our desire to achieve more than what is expected. We see your project as an investment in our future and your satisfaction.

Let’s grow together,

Christopher R. Jehs